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Capitol Compost

It seems like every day I read that another town in the U.K. has started separating and composting its food waste. Yesterday, it was the Scottish town of Banff (in Aberdeenshire). Here in the States, the good news trickles in less frequently. All the more reason to laud the launching of something like worm compost at North […]

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Hospital Food Waste

Hospital food waste is a seldom discussed issue. More than most venues, some hospital waste is unavoidable. Many patients can’t eat or don’t have an appetite, for good reason. But still, hospital room service and cafeterias create plenty of avoidable food loss. To cut waste, some hospitals are using the ValuWaste program. The system, produced by Portland’s […]

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You sure you’re done?

Food waste at colleges (or any all-you-can eat cafeteria) can reach upwards of one pound per person per meal. That’s why I’m always excited to hear about campus efforts to slow the taking-too-much phenomenon. Rutgers University dining services posted a sign asking students to take only what they’ll eat. But JP Kemmick, a graduating senior at […]

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Sorting Waste

The National Restaurant Asociation’s 2007 Restaurant Show concluded Tuesday. While I wasn’t able to attend–they make journalists jump through many, many hoops–apparently environmental awareness was a big theme there. Exhibitors displayed plenty of recycling innovations like compostable cups made from corn. Much more exciting, though, LeanPath, Inc. unveiled its ValuWaste product. This product assesses the composition of food […]

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More Campus Waste

As an example of campus food waste, Rutgers University students and staff waste more than one and a half pounds of food per meal. How do colleges waste so much food? In one quasi-word: All-you-can-eat. Given the food recycling figures from some schools, it seems more like all-you-can-waste. With escalating room and board fees and upscale college […]

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Campus Waste

A month ago, I wrote a post about college food waste. After more research, it’s worth taking a closer look. Thanks to RecycleMania, a college recycling contest that has a food waste category, we have access to some interesting numbers. In the aforementioned Food Service Organics category, Rutgers University leads the list by with a three-week total of […]

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