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New York Minute

I just returned home from an energizing visit to New York City. While there, I got to take part in two book-related events, appear on the Leonard Lopate Show, talk shop with many fascinating folks (including a Freegan spokesperson) and even catch up with some friends. My first event was part presentation, part panel discussion. […]

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Friday Buffet

I would say that this Bacon Kevin Bacon statue is a waste of bacon, but everyone knows bacon bits aren’t actually food. Just like that statue looks nothing like Kevin Bacon. — — Slow Food (the original one, in Italy) recently held an event called 1,000 Plates Against Waste to raise awareness about waste. Cool […]

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Going Gratis

Imagine a life without any spending. Is it even possible? Apparently it is if you live in Britain, where squatters have some rights. I found this piece about living for free in London totally engrossing. The article comments on the disposable nature of British, and really Western, society. And of course, a big part of that is food. The author, Katharine Hibbert […]

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