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It’s neat to find a conference attracting practitioners of composting, anaerobic digestion, and other organic recycling schemes. BioCycle’s Global 2011 in San Diego is just that. There’s plenty of talk of separating organics from the waste stream, air emissions from composting, and the carbon cap-and-trade system. There was even a very public debate about land [...]

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Icing Postgame Waste

RWIU + NHL = Win, says EPA. OK, let’s run that back: Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to honor the partnership of Rock and Wrap It Up and The National Hockey League. Rock and Wrap It Up is a New York-based food recovery group that leads the way in event food recovery. And [...]

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Friday Buffet

Massachusetts (food) waste-to-energy company Harvest Power is turning plenty of heads with their fundraising, which will speed development of two anaerobic digesters in Canada. It’s too bad a Massachusetts company hasn’t been able to create any American projects. Yet that’s the sad, but hopefully changing, reality. — —- Here’s a nice piece on¬†gleaning in the [...]

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Cooperating, but for whose benefit?

I was pleasantly surprised to find this story about food recovery on the MSN home page this weekend. It includes some nice reporting, such as: Kroger’s Perishable Donations Partnership keeps 40 million pounds of food each year out of the landfill. It also saves each store $500 annually in waste-hauling fees. Then there was this [...]

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Super Monday

Good to hear the NFL’s habit of recovering edible food from its Super Bowls¬†continued last night in Dallas. This tradition of excellence donation has been happening for almost 20 years now. The NFL works with local food recovery groups and acquires food from events leading up to the game and the game itself (both high [...]

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Friday Buffet

Check out this neat NPR story on gleaning in Tennessee. Great press for the valiant Society of St. Andrew. — — Ag giant Archer Daniels Midland and the University of Illinois are teaming up to figure out how to avoid waste in the developing world. ADM is contributing $10 million to fund the Institute for [...]

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The Happy New Year Friday Buffet

This time of year is rife with New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s a pretty good one, in my humble opinion. — — Here’s a safe bet for 2011: We’ll see more composting schemes launching, like this commercial one in St. Louis. Of course, public funding to boost composting, as in Australia, wouldn’t hurt. — — A [...]

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Friday Buffet

How can we use carrot stems, radish greens, broccoli stems? Wise Bread has some tips for the hardcore frugals out there. — — Notre Dame students are giving waste reduction the old college try, thanks to Waste-Free Wednesdays. The whole thing is part of the eND Hunger campaign (nice use of caps, there), and we’ll [...]

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Yam Jam fun

This past Saturday, I volunteered at Yam Jam 2010. It’s the grand daddy of all gleaning events, and this year didn’t disappoint. The hundreds of volunteers collected 21,407 pounds of sweet potatoes. True, we did collect sweet potatoes, not yams. You’ll have to pardon the slight misnomer–all in the name of attracting a good crowd. [...]

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Friday Buffet

I would say that this Bacon Kevin Bacon statue is a waste of bacon, but everyone knows bacon bits aren’t actually food. Just like that statue looks nothing like Kevin Bacon. — — Slow Food (the original one, in Italy) recently held an event called 1,000 Plates Against Waste to raise awareness about waste. Cool [...]

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