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Friday Buffet

There’s a new app to help New Yorkers find and patronize restaurants that donate unused food to City Harvest. Perfect! — — Food deserts present a real problem these days. This piece addresses the different solutions, from Walmart to urban agriculture to food recovery. — — You want tips on how to avoid waste and [...]

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Go Gleaning (Please)

Six years ago, I went gleaning for the first time, gathering sweet potatoes in rural North Carolina. A year ago, I went through a brief training so as to coordinate future gleaning outings. Yesterday, I got to supervise one such outing–gleaning sweet potatoes, of course (it is North Carolina). The volunteers were mostly a troupe [...]

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Friday Buffet

What’s not to love about making beer from the otherwise-wasted abundance around us all? Fullsteam (brewery) makes me proud to live in Durham. — — Also in my city–there’s now a program that encourages people to leave food on their porch for raccoons volunteers to collect. Believe it or not, it works well! — — If [...]

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Germany to Waste: Halt!

On Friday, Germany’s Minister of Food Agriculture and Consumer Protection announced it will conduct a study on food waste. In other words, they aim to find out how much waste can be halted. The move came in conjunction with Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini’s visit to Germany. Slow Food is increasingly emphasizing waste reduction, in [...]

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Friday Buffet

Sodexo’s Stop Wasting Food campaign is approaching its first b-day and remains pretty awesome. — — Nice to see public funds going toward a Love Food, Hate Waste Campaign…in Australia. — — It’s interesting to get a waste hauler’s perspective on greening events and composting. — — Finally, I gotta give my pal Ashley (of [...]

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Monday Buffet

Here’s NPR’s second story of the week relating to food recovery. I’m a source in this one! — — Massachusetts is clearing some red tape to pave the way for more anaerobic digestion. Wicked awesome! — — Meanwhile, the UK’s largest AD facility just opened in Staffordshire. — — This story on Malaysian restaurateurs’ responses [...]

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NPR Spotlights Food Donation

NPR’s All Things Considered ran a fabulous feature on food donation last night, A Squash’s Journey (Sort of sounds like a kids book, no?) The story focuses on Walmart’s impressive food donation program. Specifically, it traces the, yes, journey of a squash and an ear of corn from the retail shelf to food bank recipients’ [...]

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Friday Buffet

The Huff Post weighed in on how individuals should handle food waste. Composting it is! — — Nice to see a new-ish composting facility taking root in upstate New York. Almost better–the headline: Dirt, Cheap. — — Here’s some fairly UK-centric tips on how to use up expiring food, courtesy of Love Food Hate Waste’s [...]

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Friday Buffet

I didn’t see the 7-11 episode of Undercover Boss, but it’s nice to hear that an employee throwing out doughnuts peeved said incognito CEO. — — As the playoffs are in full swing, the NHL is still recovering food league-wide. And still getting EPA recognition. — — NYC and composting: Not a Love a Story — [...]

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Q & A: NHL’s Green Guru

The National Hockey League is the only major sports league with all of its teams participating in stadium food recovery. Bernadette Mansur, the NHL’s senior VP of public affairs, helped launch the NHL Green Initiative in 2010. To find out how the Green initiative came to include its league-wide food recovery program, I spoke with Mansur: [...]

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