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Brand New Bycatch Bylaw

Last week, I touched on bycatch–fish caught unintentionally while trying for a different species–as a major source of seafood waste. One thing I neglected to mention is that quotas and regulations often make it difficult for fishermen to sell (or donate bycatch). That’s why the new Oregon law allowing the use of what are currently called [...]

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Friday Buffet

A Washington supermarket has an on-site contraption that converts food waste into liquid fertilizer. Organics alchemy, in action! — — The 42 million pounds of food that Forgotten Harvest will recover this year is…a lot. The most, actually. — — Piles of Indian wheat rotting by the side of the road? What a shame; what [...]

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Friday Buffet

How am I just hearing about Fenugreen? Paper that makes produce keep longer using just a mix of herbs? Sounds great! — — At the behest of @CompostCab, I was trying to think up compost slogans (found with the #WhyCompost hash tag). But after reading about how a California state prison and LEGOLAND are both [...]

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Clear Skies for Airport Food Recovery?

If you’ve spent any late night time at the airport, chances are you’ve wondered what happened to all that wrapped, prepared food. Unfortunately, it’s usually tossed. But that is changing at Tampa International Airport, where food vendor HMS Host is donating these packaged eats like sandwiches and those yummy yet incredibly pricey yogurt parfaits to a [...]

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Friday Buffet

Anyone looking to rescue some food should check out this awesome produce recovery guide. Thanks to Rotary First Harvest for putting out the uber-useful guide. — — UCSB has begun a student-led composting project. The best part is that students are the ones doing the sorting. While that means a lower food waste capture rate [...]

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Holiday Buffet

Tree gleaning and Chinese food on Christmas?! (And the movie comes afterward, right?) If only I lived in L.A… — — Wait, what?! A report out of LA says that 62% of students there don’t have enough time to eat all of their lunch? That can’t be good for food waste. — — Glad to hear [...]

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The Gift of Food Recovery

Lest you have any doubts on how utterly doable food recovery is…the below video will hopefully communicate that just a few people working together can make a huge dent in local hunger by rescuing and redistributing food. (Heck, one woman and a van can work wonders.)

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“Feeding” Back

This coming Friday, thousands of Londoners will get a free lunch made from food that would otherwise have been tossed. Feeding the 5,000 returns to Trafalgar Square in a massive food waste awareness event. London’s Mayor, celebrity chefs and food waste activist Tristram Stuart will all speak on Friday, raising awareness for the fact that [...]

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Monday Leftovers

Finally! Someone quantified just how much greener it is to reduce food waste than to compost it. The Stockholm Environmental Institute found that avoiding waste has 30 times the benefit of composting, when it comes to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. — — If you want to see some beautiful pictures of volunteers gleaning broccoli and cabbage, [...]

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NPR Wasted Food Weekend

This weekend was a wasted food feast over on NPR. First, The Splendid Table quiz asked: What is a Saudi restaurateur doing to reduce food waste? Head to the 32:00 mark for the question and answer. — — And over on A Praire Home Companion, Stephanie Davis sang the only gleaning song I’ve ever heard. “Give [...]

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