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This summer, I’m trying to collect an alphabet of summer squash. It’s sure to be a futile quest–an X??–but it’s fun to try. This weekend at the farmers’ market, I found my next entry. So in addition to C and J, here’s…an S: The aim of this pet project is to champion the idea that real [...]

July 9, 2012 | Also posted in Alphabet Produce, Farmers' Market, Personal | Comments closed

Meet J Cuke

Next up in this burgeoning series of alphabet cucumbers, is this fabulous J. Or, as I call him, J Cuke. Given my first name, I’m quite fond of this cuke. I’m going to have a hard time bringing myself to cut into it. Then again–who am I kidding?–it won’t be that hard. This curved cuke, [...]

June 13, 2012 | Also posted in Alphabet Produce, Farmers' Market, Household, Personal | Comments closed

Farmers’ Market Food Recovery

A personal update: I recently began working with a local non-profit called Farmer Foodshare. It’s a neat organization that redistributes farmers’ market excess to those in need while supporting small farmers. Here’s how it works: Market shoppers donate money (or food). We use that money to buy from farmers. At the end of the market, farmers [...]

June 11, 2012 | Also posted in Farmers' Market, Food Recovery, Personal | Comments closed

Friday Buffet

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization continues to push waste reduction as part of the solution for our broken food system. Here, here! — — Rubies in the Rubble makes me wish I lived in London and I had more of a use for chutney. Cool stuff: — — Tattooing bananas. Looks fun, as long [...]

June 1, 2012 | Also posted in Events, Farmers' Market, Food Recovery, Friday Buffet, Garden, International | Comments closed

In Defense of Real Food

Here’s exhibit A on why I love farmers’ markets (and vegetable gardens). Where else is there a market for something as unique-looking as this?! The conventional retail system has no use for this kind of cucumber. It’d never leave the farm. But–you’ll never believe it–this curvy cuke tasted a) like a regular cucumber and b) [...]

May 16, 2012 | Also posted in Alphabet Produce, Farmers' Market, Personal | Comments closed

Keepin’ it Real…Ugly

It can get a little ugly when I go to the farmer’s market. Just this ugly: These are actual (greenhouse-grown) peppers bought at The Durham Farmer’s Market this past weekend. No photoshopping, I promise. Despite their shar-pei appearance,  they were delicious. Proving once again that food doesn’t have to look perfect or homogeneous to taste [...]

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Wednesday Trivia

Quick quiz: What are you looking at?? Leave your answer as a comment. First correct answer gets a make-believe handshake. And a Twitter shout out. Hint: The picture illustrates that fresh food doesn’t have to look uniform to taste great.

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Friday Buffet

The NYT had this great piece on root-to-stem eating on Wednesday (sort of the veggie/summer garden version of snout-to-tail). Now I’ll eat most things, but carrot tops? There are uses, but no runaway successes. — — Not to be outdone, the WSJ’s Juggle blog ran this helpful post on making the most of your CSA [...]

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It Can’t Hurt to Ask

A new effort by a San Francisco neighborhood group has diverted thousands of tons of fresh, local food from the compost pile to the mouths of many. How? Simply by asking. The Wigg Party, a community group based in the neighborhoods around a bike route called The Wiggles The Wiggle, recently began rescuing foods from [...]

August 4, 2010 | Also posted in Composting, Farmers' Market, Food Recovery | Comments closed

Nature’s Gleaners

Are we anteaters or woodpeckers? That’s the question implied in this thought-provoking post from Beyond Bread. (Trust me, it makes sense upon reading.) After making a distinction between those two animals, the piece delves into a discussion of the noble practice of farmer’s market food rescue. Recovering unsold produce at the end of a market just makes so [...]

August 19, 2009 | Also posted in Farmers' Market, Food Recovery | Comments closed
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