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Friday Buffet

I was excited to see that Washington & Lee is recovering food at a Walmart! Nice to have some of those giant stores onboard. If they can do that nationwide, we’d really be getting somewhere. While we’re at it, how cool is the Campus Kitchen at W & L?! — — Talk about a local [...]

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Friday Buffet

A Cape Cod mother reflects on how much trash can collect in just one weekend. The article includes an interesting discussion of reducing waste via Pay-As-You-Throw trash collection. — — Good to see the (tennis) U.S. Open is composting the food scraps from its central kitchens, but why not have composting bins on the concourse for fans? We’ll call [...]

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Small Wonder?

The Fancy Food Show occured in New York last week. While it’s hard to resist making snide comments about the event, it’s too easy a target and, besides, they donate their excess (fancy) food to City Harvest.  In addition to reporting the dual flavor trends of honey and blood orange, this Times article on the Show featured this quotation: [...]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an intriguing idea for reducing waste: make it harder to throw stuff away. Designer Nadeem Haidary has created a trash can that tilts into a less-inviting angle the more it gets full. A less cool, but cheaper solution–don’t have a trash can in every room. — —  Bread for the City’s blog has a very interesting look [...]

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With apologies to the Sterns (on the title), I wanted to pass along this food waste debacle: a truck full of Little Debbie snacks overturned in Oregon Tuesday night, causing an entire shipment of snacks to be thrown away. What’s most interesting is that there are differing reports on whether or not the company gave the Oregon [...]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s a story on the lifecycle environmental impact of one manufacturer’s heat-and-eat chili. Very interesting stuff, especially the trade off between packaging waste and food loss. — — The San Jose Hazmat team was called in to handle the stench from an office fridge. Seven were sent to the hospital. Just a sad day for [...]

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Catering comes a knockin’

My neighbor had a catered party on Thursday. As with most catered affairs, there were plenty of leftovers. I know because our neighbor asked my wife and me if we’d would put any of it to good use. Umm…Yes. (I don’t think she knows about this blog.) For us, it was a total jackpot. Sort [...]

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Friday Buffet

Seven-Eleven stores in Japan are not allowed to discount food near expiration dates/times–essentially mandated to waste food. — — At U.S. bases in Iraq, food waste in Iraq is tossed and burned along with everything else. We can do better, says Army infantry captain Timothy Hsia in a Times op-ed. — — In addition to [...]

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Super Food Recovery

Wow–quite a Super Bowl, with the outcome in doubt until the last play. One thing that wasn’t up in the air was Super Bowl food recovery. In keeping with tradition, the NFL Environmental Program and volunteers from the Tampa Bay host committee recovered food from the events leading up to the game and the game [...]

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Friday Buffet

The Wall Street Journal: Hotels are doing their best to cut costs, including food waste, as the economy struggles. You think? — — As I’ve previously written, my favorite Japanese word is Mottainai! — — 8 things you should know about expiration dates, courtesy of me, via Culinate. — — The Laziest Man on Earth [...]

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