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Friday Buffet

Love it! The U.S. Open is composting this year. The tennis tournament has bins throughout its grounds. — — Well then–a big food fight in Nevada. Because what’s more authentic than La Tomatina in…Reno? The tomato-tossing war cost $10 to enter, which went to cancer research. That’s hard to argue with. But…there are many ways to [...]

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Interesting Times in LA

Last week, Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus penned this op-ed calling for more leftover sharing by restaurants, hotels and caterers. He even suggested making it mandatory for these food businesses to tell customers that they can donate the unserved food. For the clients who choose to donate the food, the restaurant, hotel or caterer [...]

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Who Wastes Ribs?

Barbecue competitors, apparently. This weekend I volunteered at a food bank barbecue fundraiser. As part of the event, they had a competition where cooking teams were judged on their “barbecue.” Around here (North Carolina), that means a finely chopped pork that some people call pulled pork. I tell you this because one thing they weren’t [...]

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Efficient Picking

I had the privilege of going to a pig pickin’ this weekend. For those of you non-North Carolinians, that means a whole hog roast. Although, in this case it was a half hog (minus the head). Now, if you’re going to eat meat–and I do–this kind of event makes for a darn efficient use of [...]

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Stanford Summary

Last week’s talk at Stanford went really well. I would have posted about this sooner, but the whole ‘fly cross-country with a one-year-old’ thing wiped us all out. Anyway, I had a blast visiting campus, speaking with students, observing student-run food recovery in action and, of course, spreading the word at Thursday’s event. From where [...]

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Friday Buffet

Vancouver implemented curbside food scrap composting yesterday, er…Earth Day. It’s limited to single family houses now and is only accepting some organic materials this year. The city site has some nice promo posters, a video showing how composting is part of cooking and a 35% of home waste is food stat that seems a bit high. But the real question [...]

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Earth Day Double Play

Hard to believe that it’s baseball season already. But it is. And with April 22 fast approaching, that means many teams have publicized their plans for Earth Day. Is it just me, or do all the Earth-Day-only plans magnify how teams (or businesses or ourselves) don’t do much every day? There’s lip service paid to [...]

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Roundtable Recap

Yesterday’s EPA-led food waste roundtable was nothing if not energizing. The whole idea was to get all food waste stakeholders into one room. Given that there were about 125 attendees, including retailers, food service reps, municipal solid waste, composters, consultants, researchers, anaerobic digestion vendors, EPA representatives and at least one blogger, it had to be a [...]

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Food Waste: On the Table

Today, I’ll be attending a round table on food waste, organized by the EPA. I’m excited at the prospect of having a meaningful discussion on a topic I find so important and fascinating. Also, that a federal agency is paying attention to wasted food.   That said, I’m not entirely sure what to expect. Will there be an actual table at which [...]

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Eventful Food Recovery

I know runners and bikers are wiped out after completing long events, but maybe they’re not all that…hungry. Two recent examples have brought athletic event food waste into focus. Saturday, as I was biking to the office to finish my…book manuscript first draft (Trick or Treat!!), I came upon the finish line of a Habitat [...]

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