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Why Waste Matters

If you’ve ever thought about food waste, this thought has probably passed through your mind: Why do I even care? Or maybe you’ve heard about wasted food’s ramifications before but find yourself in need of a refresher. In either case, it’s never a bad thing to consider why we shouldn’t squander food. So here goes: […]

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Friday Buffet

Poor New Zealand. Our thoughts are with you Kiwis after that horrible earthquake. In that context this piece on NZ food waste isn’t quite as important, but it’s interesting nonetheless… — — Cnet provides a neat snapshot of where we are with the…next wave of recycling.   — — Say it ain’t so! Lavish Indian weddings to be […]

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Friday Buffet

English police arrested a woman who took waffles, pies and other goods thrown out by an English food retailer after the store lost power for a while. The craziest part is that the police tracked her down later at her home and took her away in handcuffs. Here’s a sensible commentary on the matter. — — […]

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Un-Greening the Capitol

It was somewhat surprising to hear that the GOP leadership decided to scrap the Capitol composting plan last week. Surprising, because who doesn’t like composting? Somewhat, because you can find opposition to anything except ice cream and puppies in Washington. The UPI reported that House Administration Chairman Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) decided to cut the program instituted […]

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Why I Write About Food

Today’s post will also appear on GOOD’s new food site. As part of their Food For Thinkers series, the site has asked a bunch of food writers (I’m honored to be one) to wrestle with this question: What does—or could, or even should—it mean to write about food today? An intriguing question, for sure. And […]

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Friday Buffet

I’ve always enjoyed the Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World reports. But now I really like them after the State of the World Report 2011 classifed food waste as a major concern. From Wednesday’s release: Moreover, “roughly 40 percent of the food currently produced worldwide is wasted before it is consumed, creating large opportunities for […]

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Friday Buffet

Don’t look now but…here comes another app to help avoid food waste: Consume Within. — — Recently, PBS cooking maestra Lidia Bastianich posted a commitment to reduce her waste. She even asked her readers to follow suit and share their experiences at her site’s community table. — — Who wouldn’t want to learn a bit […]

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Stop Spild Af Mad!

Monday I linked to an editorial from a writer advocating eating our Christmas trees (more or less). Perhaps it’s no surprise that the author is Danish, given the strength of that nation’s Stop Wasting Food group(Stop Spild Af Mad in Danish). The non-profit aims to reduce the amount of food wasted in Denmark through a […]

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Friday Buffet

Sodexo reported that they’ve reduced waste by 30% on eight campuses. How? Identifying their waste by using LeanPath waste tracking systems. — — Half the fish caught in the North Sea are being thrown back…dead?!?

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Friday Buffet

New Zealand is really taking a hard look at its food waste. And it’s high time–it makes up a whopping 45 percent of Hawke’s Bay region’s trash. — — Houston high schoolers turning food scraps into gasoline?? Great Scott, Marty! To the DeLorean! — — Here’s a good look at the anaerobic digester at Oakland’s […]

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