Hooray for Food Day!

Happy Food Day, y’all!

While¬†the rest of the globe celebrated World Food Day earlier this month, we independent Americans are sticking with our own version (for some reason). Regardless, it’s a good day to be mindful about our food.

That mindfulness can take many forms. It can mean “eating real.” Hopefully, that will also include both thinking about hunger and celebrating food. For me, that also means not wasting anything. All of these items are linked.

I’d recommend enjoying your favorite meal/treat today–the celebration part! In addition, let’s try to take action (volunteer, write a check, donate some home-grown food, etc.) to help those who don’t have enough to eat. Oh, and when you’re out celebrating food, don’t forget to take the leftovers home!

Two further notes:

-Here are some fun Halloween tips from the Food Day folks.

-I’ll be talking at UNC tonight at 6:30 in the student union as part of their Food Day celebration.

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