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Friday Buffet

Here’s a detailed description of keeping worms to compost food that has the added bonus of being the first piece I’ve ever read that manages to combine vermiculture and The Wire. — — Last night’s dinner can be today’s breakfast? Si, Senor! — — This piece on a chef-led, British campaign to bag food waste has two stunners. […]

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Beautiful Waste?

Photographer Christopher Breimhurst worked in the food industry for 10 years, including some time at supermarkets. In his current work, Edibles, he finds the beauty in “unmarketable produce.” Instead of throwing these fruits and veggies out, Breimhurst photographed them to illustrate their remaining usefulness. As he puts it: The rejected food is typically destined for […]

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Zeroing Out

Zero Percent has an admirable goal–zero percent food waste. The just-launched site/app will allow participating restaurants to offer real time discounts as the end of the night approaches to avoid waste. The idea needs to gather restaurant interest, which will hopefully build momentum. Once Zero Percent gets rolling, you’d be able to check your phone […]

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