Go Halfsies!

“Clean your plate, there are children starving [somewhere].”

That saying is problematic, partly because it guilts us into overeating. But a burgeoning non-profit called Halfsies has a better idea. At participating restaurants, customers can select a Halfsies version of a dish, giving them less food and ensuring that the value of the unserved half goes to hungry.

It will take a little bit to get ramped up, but Halfsies has the potential to reduce food waste, feed the hungry and keep us from overeating (protecting us from both massive portions and ourselves, when we keep eating even though we’re full.) You can hit three birds with one word.

As you can see in the PDF explaining the idea, I’m a big fan. But I can definitely see Halfsies succeeding. It’s catchy enough to imagine “I’ll go halfsies on that” entering the lexicon. And it’s high time someone tackled restaurant portion size.

Now all we need is one savvy and/or benevolent restaurant chain to be the first to sign up. Any takers??

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