Tortilla Tossing

Thanks to this editorial, I just learned about the practice of celebrating UCSB soccer goals and wins by tossing tortillas on the field. To wit:

Here’s an opposing editorial on why tortilla tossing is great, which includes this gem:

Tortillas represent the Argentinian Cowboys, the Gauchos. It’s a feeling of who the Gauchos are, and that’s who we always try to be.

Ah yes, now I remember hearing tales of grizzled Argentine cowboys roaming the pampas, casting aside tortillas left and right, as tradition dictated.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a suspicion that tortillas aren’t even common in Argentina. (A suspicion upheld by some two-bit web research)

What’s your take on this practice? Innocent fun? Worthless waste? Something in between?

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