Friday Buffet

The BBC caught wind of the study profiled here on Wednesday and interviewed the researcher and a TV chef, posing the slightly sensationalistic question: Do Celebrity Chefs Cause More Waste?

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“Were you eating this apple” he asked a moment later. Yup, he was pointing to my apple. I nodded.

“Come on down, pick it up and finish it,” he said.

The above exchange comes from a neat piece on the impact of food waste. It focuses on Canada, where we learn that that overall waste rate is 40% (just like their southern neighbors)!

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Gotta love this waste avoiding idea: an Oreo crumb tea bag to recreate that delicious post-cookie milk. Then again, whenever I’m faced with those black crumbs, they go straight atop some ice cream.

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The average Irish family discards 30% of the food they buy, at a cost of roughly€1000 euros per year. And in other news, I just learned where to find the Euro symbol.
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Finally, are you afraid of the odd bit?

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