Friday Buffet

Portland City Council will vote next week on whether or not to make curbside composting a citywide program (and reduce regular trash collection to every other week). Come on Stumptown, both Salem and Keizer (Oregon) have such a program!

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Connecticut’s governor just signed a bill requiring composting for businesses producing more than 104 tons of food waste per year. (Question–what influential business produces 103 tons??) But, it’s only compulsory if there’s a composting operation within 20 miles.

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Here’s a glimpse of the potential composting future. Potential. I wonder if the Automate Composter design would make my kitchen caddy less hospitable for fruit flies?

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Can I get an ‘amen’ for Dr. Abdullah?

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Charlotte composting: getting there…

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Finally, I’ll announce the winners of the Dive raffle on Monday. Stay tuned…

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    Portland. It’s always about Portland.



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