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TED Talks Waste

TED Talks are almost always captivating, but here’s one that’s actually related to food waste. Very related. British chef/restaurateur Arthur Potts Dawson discusses his approach to sustainability–both with food waste and otherwise–at his restaurants Acornhouse and Waterhouse. Some highlights, for me: I basically created a menu that allowed people to choose the amount and the […]

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Trash Cops?

It’s a bit of a leap from ‘Recycling Ambassadors’ to ‘Trash Cops,’ but that’s the very jump made in this AOL column. At issue here are the Los Angeles city employees–whatever you want to call them–who make sure Angelinos are recycling correctly, including mixing food scraps in with the yard waste. The ‘Trash Cop’ outrage […]

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Friday Buffet

It’s heartening to see Congress fight hunger and obesity while supporting local foods (even if it’s sad that it took them this long). All good news, right? Well… About half of the $4.5 billion cost is financed by a cut in food stamps starting in several years. In your best Jon Stewart voice: Wha-wha-what?!? So […]

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New Look

Just a quick post today to say: There’s a new version of! A friendly designer just completed a long overdue overhaul of the site yesterday. I’ll be tinkering with a few things here and there, but it’s mostly finished. I’d love your feedback, though. Let me know if you do or don’t like some […]

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