Edible, not Expendable

Finding a fabulous web site is like wandering into a random restaurant and getting a surprisingly tasty meal. And then not having to pay.

That was how I felt when I came across Expendable Edibles. The site, around since 2004, has a beautiful premise: helping people use food that they’d otherwise throw away.

Expendable Edibles accomplishes that goal through recipes, and it’s organized into six categories of food that might be wasted:

  • Stems, Skins and Stalks
  • Past Peak
  • Once Cooked
  • Negligible Quantities
  • Ill-Fated Creations
  • Nearly Expired

Each section has interesting ideas for utilizing these often-tossed items, and we’re not just talking about making banana bread. Many of the ideas are really fun–like Chinese food takeout rice into rice pudding.

The recipes on the site mostly come from the site’s founders, Nancy and Marlene. Yet, when I spoke with Nancy, she said that they’re reaching out to culinary schools to tap into that ingrained French kitchen ethic of using (and reusing) everything.

Nancy also stressed that they’re seeking your use-it-up or repurposing recipes of all shapes and sizes. You can submit your ideas for any of the categories via the site’s sidebar. So go on–help us help ourselves!

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