The OC = Objects Composted

Wow, of all the places…

Beginning in November, Mobile Compost Service will begin household food waste collection in Orange County, Calif. Participating homes will receive a kitchen caddy, and, subsequently, the company will receive a whole bunch of food scraps:

Once a week, on a fuel efficient schedule, Mobile Compost Service will collect the contents of the buckets.

There’s a lot to like here:

  • Customers will receive finished compost made from their own food scraps.
  • The company is considering things like making fuel efficient collection routes. Let’s hope that’s not just lip service.
  • People without the time or inclination to compost will soon be able to keep their food waste out of the landfill. And, to make a sweeping generalization, I’m guessing that fewer OC residents want to get their hands dirty with backyard composting than folks in the average county.
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