Monday Mold Reminder

Just because your food has a little mold on it doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. With many, but not all foods, a little scraping, spooning, facing or cutting will remove the problem.

As a general rule, the softer an item, the easier it is for mold to spread. So tread lighter with cottage cheese than with romano. In either case, you should be generous in your trimming and employ a bit of common sense afterwards. As always, sight and smell (and taste) should guide your decision on whether to keep or toss the item.

It’s nice to be reminded of this topic every once in a while. I was prodded on the topic recently when a reader (who opted to remain anonymous) sent in “before” and “after” pictures from a bit of mold removal he did with a butter-ish spread.

He was thinking of returning the item to the store, but held off after realizing that the retailer would justĀ  throw away the tub even thought the majority of it was perfectly fine. Instead, he scraped:

Looks good!

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