Friday Buffet

Beginning of the end or end of the beginning? Euro robots can power up on food waste. Crazy stuff! What’s next–humans that can turn bytes into bites?!

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A few weeks back, I linked to Eureka Recycling’s cool bike composting program, but here’s an updated report on the Minnesota project via Treehugger.

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Every year around Ramadan, I see articles on attempts to trim food waste in predominantly Muslim countries. It’s heartening, but it’d be nice to see it catch on for the other 11 months. Then again, there’s no corresponding anti-waste time of year in the U.S.

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The BBC reports on a London charity that hands out leftover sandwiches to the homeless (or those ‘sleeping rough’). Plus, it has a fascinating feature on blind soccer (for those interested).

(photo by Osamu Iwasaki via Flickr. Check out the robo-chef video here.)

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