Stanford & Son

Once I finish going through the endless vital copy edits on my book manuscript this week, I’m headed to Stanford to give a talk on Thursday. (And I’m bringing my son, just for the sake of this post’s title). 

I’ll be speaking about food waste in America, my work and my updcoming book, in addition to denigrating all things Berkeley-related (in hopes of winning over the locals). The event is at 7:30 in the History Corner, room 203.

image courtesy of StanfordBest of all, I’ve convinced my pal Aaron French, better known as the Eco-Chef, to join me on stage (or at the front or whatever). That way, we’ll hear insights on reducing food waste from someone who’s actually in the food industry. French is the chef at The Sunny Side Cafe and is a certified, master’s degree-holding ecologist. 

Before the talk, I’m excited to spend some time with the Stanford’s student-run food recovery group, SPOON, who’ve been kind enough to invite me out west. I’m also looking forward to meeting some other folks during the day, so if you’re in the Bay Area, come on out! Although I have an odd feeling that I might be busy from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

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