El Buffet de Viernes

Yes, I’m blogging on location from beautiful, hot Santiago. You’ll be glad to hear that I’ve decided against blogging in Spanish!¡

I recently walked by a Santiago market after it had closed and noticed a vendor was still there, doing something odd. I went by to have a look and she was cutting the tops off strawberries, which don’t last long here–did i mention it’s hot?

She said she was going to make some juice, which I found pretty cool and a nice contrast to what I saw at another market here (and in most U.S. markets). Then again, they are fond of their strawberry juice in Santiago.

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The NY Times´Well blog had a nice look at the recess before lunch movement. It’s a worthwhile read and a worthy idea. Then, Good continued the discussion on their site.

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Only on Gizmodo would we learn about a Japanese remote control car that runs on sugar. Not the best use of azucar, perhaps…makes ethanol look like a godsend.

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N.C. State is doing a waste audit of their dining hall waste. A nice distraction from basketball season for the Wolfpack (Go Heels).

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Finally, I met an Chinese Irish guy who now lives in Dubai after growing up in Liverpool. Whew! Anyway, that’s not really important. What does matter is that some in the homeland of his mum (Ireland) are paying attention to waste.

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