Friday Buffet

The U.S. Capitol cafeteria has composted food for a bit, but now there’s plenty more eco-friendly changes in House office buildings. Since launching in 2007, Green the Capitol has diverted 75,000 pounds from landfills.

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I just heard about Hands for Hunger, a food recovery group in the Bahamas from this article. I’m not sure why it surprises me to learn of a Bahamian food rescue outfit, but I am certain image courtesy of via creative commonsthat this is one food recovery outfit I’d love to research in person.   

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Here are 10 tips for reducing food waste.
10 really good tips.

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Starting in 2010, Ottawa has joined Toronto, Vancouver and a few others as Canadian cities separating and composting food waste. They’re just now getting started. One slight problem–since they’re required to supply the composting operation a certain tonnage, there’s no incentive to reduce food waste.

Also, residents in one Vancouver neighborhood will have their trash and food scrap bins inspected to see how they’re faring at food recycling.

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