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Radio Daze

This morning, I was on WNPR’s Where We Live. As always, I had a good time talking waste (even though I’m not a morning person, which showed a few times). The hour really flew by and there were a few things I was hoping to get in but didn’t. For example, a caller mentioned how […]

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Tomato Sale

Every time I hit the store, I venture over to the discount produce rack to see what they have. It’s mostly curiosity, but I do buy things from time to time. It’s essentially the one area where I do make impulse purchases—I know, tsk, tsk–but I only do it when I know I’ll use the […]

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Friday Buffet

Do missed shots with this popcorn flinging bucket mean food waste? Not if you believe in the five-second rule! Wild Fling, you do not make my heart sing.  — — Purdue University has plans to send its food waste to an existing anaerobic digester at a nearby waste water treatment plant.   And San Jose is looking at A.D. as […]

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Count me…In? Out?

We all have those fridge mysteries. Count On It labels are intended to solve those by reminding you when you opened a jar or bottle. The labels let you scratch off the day and month (what–no time of day?!) to eliminate the guesswork and possibly reduce the waste from unknown food safety. Lyndsey Young, a.k.a. […]

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Forget Tomorrow, what about Today?

I’m not a huge fan of Maggiano’s.* I don’t see eye-to-eye with restaurants that serve gigantic portions that leave diners with an awkward choice: overeat, waste food or take it home (especially since some folks don’t like leftovers or aren’t going straight home, etc.). Now comes news of a new Maggiano’s promotion: Today and Tomorrow. […]

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