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Breaking News: SF Recycling Bill Targets Food Waste

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors just signed into law an ordinance that will require households and businesses to compost. Starting this fall, everyone except those who get waivers must have a recycling, trash and compost bin, with warnings and then fines for noncompliance. Using the stick instead of the carrot will always rub some people the wrong […]

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Selling “Sell-By” Down the River

The Brits have proposed yet another innovative idea for reducing food waste: ban sell-by dates.  As part of the War on Waste campaign, Britain’s Environment Secretary, Hilary Benn proposed the elimination of these “sell-by” dates while keeping true expiration dates to avoid confusion. Many consumers see the dates aimed at retailers and just throw items away. What’s more, […]

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Worth a Thousand Words: Spotted Banana

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a video (in words)? We shall soon see. I have been threatening to do some “vlogging” for some time. When I saw this banana on the sale produce rack at my supermarket, I knew I’d found my muse. Out, Out Brown Spot from […]

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Friday Buffet

Taylor, Texas has its own backyard produce-to-the-hungry program. For those of you green thumbs in towns without such a thing, check out Ample Harvest. — — If you think you’re having a bad day, at least this didn’t happen to you. What a nightmare! — — Save the date: June 20th marks the start of the second Eating […]

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With apologies to the Sterns (on the title), I wanted to pass along this food waste debacle: a truck full of Little Debbie snacks overturned in Oregon Tuesday night, causing an entire shipment of snacks to be thrown away. What’s most interesting is that there are differing reports on whether or not the company gave the Oregon […]

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Analyzing Traylessness

I’ve been meaning to get around to this post for a while, but the buns keep piling up… Anyway, without further ado, I present what I’m pretty sure is a first: a scholarly study on traylessness. It was written by my food-waste friend Andy Sarjahani and two of his Virginia Tech colleagues, Elena Serrano and Rick […]

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Life to Leftovers: Hot Dog Buns

Last week, I wrote about having excess hamburger buns. Well, I now have a surplus of their sibling: hot dog buns. And since we all had so much fun in the maiden voyage of Life to Leftovers, I thought we’d give it another shot. [By the way, I haven’t heard from any of you with dilemmas of your own–maybe you’re all use-it-up […]

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