Worth a Thousand Words: Be a Good Parer

Here’s my second foray into the glamorous world of food waste videos. If you listen closely (or at all), you’ll hear my boy add his three cents. (Sorry, there’s only so many takes when you’re cutting up produce…and the other one was worse!)

Discount Veggies from Jonathan Bloom on Vimeo.

I can understand why the store culled these items and put them on the discount rack. But, as you can see, they’re not trash.

I’ve started noticing the same store that sells these discounted bags of produce just throwing veggies in the trash cans out on the sales floor. This bugs me more than some other stores just dumping hundreds of pounds in the dumpster. I guess it’s because this store has shown that they know these items have value. But, through apathy, laziness, poor judgment or a combination of all three, some of the produce guys are just tossing them in the bin at their feet.

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