Friday Buffet

Road Foodsters Jane and Michael Stern were discussing their pizza-eating preferences on last weekend’s The Splendid Table when the conversation turned to uneaten crusts. Jane is a serial pizza bone leaver, but that hubby Michael is the beneficiary. Then host Lynne Rossetto Kasper announced that she’s not above asking her fellow diners if they’re planning to eat their crust carcasses. Good times.
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And Rossetto Kasper didn’t stop there, penning her way into my heart via this advice on storing different kinds of foods.
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It was a big food waste news week for my alma mater, Wesleyan University. In addition to announcing their impending traylessness, a student in the local Food Not Bombs chapter was fined for serving free, donated food. More specifically, for violating a cease and desist order they received because they prepare food in an unlicensed kitchen.

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Nothing like a little gleaning article to warm the heart…

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Brilliant: many colleges require students to buy meal plans. And then these points expire at the end of the year. Given those two facts, a group at Arizona State is asking students to buy canned goods for donation with their soon-to-expire points.

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Finally, don’t forget that today is International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening day. Why? Just because.

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