Trayless Travels

Today I’m making a pilgrimage, of sorts. No, not to Mecca, but to Maine.

I’m visiting Saint Joseph’s College home of the trayless dining movement. There, I’ll speak with Stuart Leckie, the general manager of dining, who had the simple idea of removing trays to curb food waste. What began at this tiny Standish, Maine, school in the fall of 2007 has spread to hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide.

photo by naslroques via creative commonsI plan to observe trayless dining in action and speak to some students to get their views. More importantly, I will get a chance to put my money where my mouth is by actually eating in the dining hall without the use of a tray. How will I ever manage?!

Fear not, though; I’ve been in intense training the last few weeks. I’ve been doing everything with one hand…because I’ve had my baby in the other.

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