Down the Drain, in a good way(?)

If I told you that hotels and restaurants could convert their food waste to a down-the-drain liquid in 24 hours, would that interest you?

BioHitech America’s high volume organic waste decomposition system can do just that. Apparently, you dump all of your food waste into the stainless steel contraption (which comes in three sizes and costs G_d knows how much),image courtesy of BioHitech America microorganisms (yeasts) break everything down and 24 hours later the liquid byproduct is sent down the drain (to your local water treatment facility).

I haven’t seen this waste-to-water slurry technology in action, but I hope to soon. I do know that it received “grand recognition” at the NY Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show.

If it does work and was adopted on a widescale, it would greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by keeping food out of landfills and garbage trucks off the road. BioHitech America’s marketing manager Kim Doscher said they hope to use the nutrient-rich liquid for fertilizer in the near future while others may use it for animal feed.

There are other companies using this technology, which I believe began in Korea (see the above link). Waste to Water Environmental sells a similar system, Green Key offers a suite and Somat has its eCorect Waste Reducer.

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