When Waste Rots

Curious about food waste’s environmental impact after it’s been sent to a landfill? A report from the UK provides the dirt on London’s food waste carbon footprint. (If you’re curious, here’s the entire report.) The headline:

Londoners produce food waste which emits 6.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year, a new report reveals.

photo courtesy of D'Arcy Norman (via Creative Commons)Just how bad is that? I’m not quite sure, since my last name isn’t Gore and the press release doesn’t provide any context. Still, I know it’s millions of tons more than there has to be.

The report uses the estimate that 25 percent of landfill waste is food, which is a bit high for the U.S. (it’s 18 percent here, according to the EPA). While our rate is slightly lower than Britain’s, I’d guess that we have a few more landfills than the U.K.

One final note: the City of London studied this topic. Can you imagine Washington or New York City having that kind of interest in the effects of food waste? Me neither.

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