Sausages Sizzle Again

On the repurposing food front, I recently heard from an Australian reader named Angela. I’ll let her tell the story:

We, too, are constantly looking for ways that we can use leftovers and avoid wasting food. I thought I’d share something that we did for the first time this week. We had a BBQ on Friday night and I was left with a tray of cooked sausages that no one ate and also leftover cooked onion.

Angela's sausage rollsWe wrapped the sausages up with the onion in some puff pastry and made an enormous amount of sausage rolls. We ate them all weekend and put some in the freezer for snacks. I’m constantly amazed at the ways we can use up food that previously we would have thrown away.

Well done, Angela! High marks for creativity and for thinking ahead, with the freezer.

The sausage roll, as anyone who’s ever visited the UK or another Commonwealth country will remember, is like a more common, slightly-less-unhealthy version of a corn dog. All that to say, the next time I have leftover hot dogs, I’m bathing them in batter and deep frying.

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