Making Meat Last Longer

Monday, I wrote about the turning excess buns from barbecue takeout into garlic bread. Well, what about the meat?

We had two rather large containers of chopped beef and barbecue chicken and had consumed more than our fill of both. Yet, plenty more remained! My idea: meatloaf!

the finished productI was really glad to have my mom around, because I’ve never actually made a loaf of meat. Not only did she improvise a top layer of leftover potatoes, she made the whole thing, allowing me to focus on ogling my week-old son.

We topped the whole thing with some of the sauce from the barbecue takeout and used bread crumbs salvaged from the end of a loaf. But fear not–the egg was no leftover.

The results were like some sort of culinary alchemy–turning leftovers into a magical, improved dish.

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