Parents of Wasted Food

No, I’m not writing to confess how much food waste family life creates. That’ll come in a year or so. (Joking, hopefully).

More to the point, my parents are in town helping out while we get used to life with a son (a cute guy, in my humble opinion). Fortunately for us, my mom has been doing a lot of cooking. In watching some of her practices, I’ve been reminded how I became drawn to the issue of food waste.

garlic-bread-to-beNo leftover is too small to throw out. All scribbles can enhance another meal or snack. In particular, I got a kick out of one tactic:

A generous takeout-barbecue-lunch provided by my sister-in-law left us with a slew of leftover buns. My mom sized them up and saw garlic bread. Totally!

And they were great. Yes, this was just a small thing, but it provided hope that parenthood isn’t synonymous with food waste. Now I’m doubly confident we’ll be OK on that front.

Thanks to everyone for passing along your kind wishes and to my brother Seth for pitching in with a very cool post.

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