Oh, geez…

Controversy abounds in Fargo, N.D. Not only was there an objection to food waste at last year’s Kiwanis Pancake Karnival, there’s an anti-dirty dancing rule that has Jennifer Grey dusting off her cutoffs and Keds in protest.

photo by jennandjon via Creative CommonsGiven the name of this blog, I’ll focus on the former. In the leadup to the February Fargodome event that aims to break its own Guinness Record for number of pancakes served in an 8-hour period, someone wrote a letter of complaint (some registration may be required). Last year, he saw too much waste:

While being seated near one of the wastebaskets while eating, I witnessed more than 90 percent of the refuse had at least one to two pancakes being thrown away per plate. This is not the truthful way to break a record and a terrible waste of food for the sake of worldwide recognition.

The organizer responded to the charge of pancake waste by saying that some attendees went back for seconds and even thirds! Another reader wrote that no more pancakes were given than in previous years. In addition, he said that:

Nothing goes to waste and any food that is not used is donated to the New Life Center to serve homeless and needy people in their meals program.

Have you ever eaten a leftover pancake? It’s one of the few things that I don’t look forward to eating later (I still eat them, I just don’t really enjoy them).

Anyway, the main point, which nobody seems to address–their minds are on dirty dancing, no doubt–is that when you give everyone the same amount, it’s going to be too much for some folks.

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