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Holiday Shopping

There aren’t many items you can buy that will reduce food waste; it’s mostly what you do. That said, here are a few useful goodies: While a bruised banana isn’t necessarily a wasted one (it’s just the start of a smoothie or banana bread), that’s harder to pull off at work or school. That’s why […]

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About that sentence next to my photo…

I’ve been doing this site for the last two years. And the entire time the home page has read, “Jonathan Bloom is writing a book on wasted food in America.” While that has been true in one sense, it is awesomely correct today with the announcement of my book deal in Publisher’s Weekly. Obviously, I’m […]

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Good Food (Wasted)

This Saturday, I was on KCRW’s Good Food with friendly host Evan Kleiman. You can listen to the interview via this cool player, which smartly delineates all of the segments. Not that you’d want to skip through any of them… Oh, and I did find it a tad ironic that the same show had a(n […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an alternate take on the 3% wasted food charge discussed here Monday. By the way, that story really has legs… — — Amen–a Secretary of Food. Here’s an online petition to support a reformer for Secretary of Agriculture Food. — — Check out this topical interview with some dude who can’t seem to speak […]

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Legislating Donation, Take Two

California State Senator Jenny Oropeza, with her heart of oro, is at it again. Yesterday, the Long Beach Democrat reintroduced a bill that would facilitate food donation from caterered events. A similar bill from last session didn’t pass, largely due to restaurant industry objections. Senate Bill 35 picks up where that one left off, but […]

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Trimming Waste and Budgets on Campus

In what’s sure to become a familiar story, Haverford College Dining Services needs to trim 10 percent from its budget. While most of the cuts will be labor-related, the school also realizes that cutting food waste can help. Abundant (some would say excessive) choice has been the first casualty: Dining Services is also cutting back […]

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LA’s Green Certification Omission

Los Angeles just announced a green business certification program they plan to launch on a full-scale in six months. The city hopes restaurants, retailers, hotels and others will participate. Years in the making, the program is a joint-effort between the city’s environmental people and The GreenLA Coalition, with the chamber of commerce and convention and […]

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Paying for Unfinished Food

Hayashi Ya Japanese Restaurant is just your regular NYC all-you-can-eat joint (if you consider a $26.95 per person price regular). Except for one little wrinkle captured on their sidewalk sign: We will charge 3% for wasted and unfinished food. New York’s WCBS had this report on the policy that discourages customers from taking more food […]

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Friday Buffet

Not a fan of composting? You can always dig holes and bury food in them. — — Or, you can get a Green Cone, a food waste solution that’s not a composter, but you don’t have to stir. Really? — — Winter in Florida means citrus donations. If they had that program in Chicago, this […]

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In Response

After allowing a week to digest the comments on my Thanksgiving piece, I thought I’d respond to some of them. First, I appreciated all of the input and was heartened to see the enthusiasm. Whether it takes a positive or negative tone, it’s great that people have so much to say about the issue […]

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