Monday Morning Crumbs

If you’re thinking about donating a cooked turkey, don’t add stuffing!

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I’m all for avoiding waste, but I think this Thanksgiving tip goes a bit too far:

Try and cook just the right amount of food for your family and friends because nothing is worse than wasted food.

There should be a bit of abundance on Thanksgiving–that’s part of the point. It’s the other 364 days of the year where that advice can work. Besides, what’s better than Thanksgiving leftovers??courtesy of Notebook: Magazine

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Australia’s Notebook: Magazine has launched a year-long campaign to Stop Food Waste! Each issue will offer tips and the magazine’s editor is blogging on her efforts to cut waste.

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You can buy one of these new fancy fridges with air filtration systems to remove ethylene gases or you can use Green Bags. If the latter, here are some tips.

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