Leftover Boxes Left Out

On a recent visit to Noodles & Company, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that they set out their take-away boxes next to the cup lids and napkins. I’m not sure if this occurs at all locations of the noodle chain, but I’m all for it!

the Noodles & Co take-away boxesFirst, it encourages the saving of leftovers by preventing customers from having to ask for to-go boxes and waiters having to fetch them. Sure, neither step is difficult. But removing any obstacle to doggie bag use is helpful.

Second, leaving out boxes removes a social barrier to taking home leftovers. Unfortunately, some diners feel there’s a stigma attached to saving their own food. Not having to ask for a box eliminates their feeling perceived as cheap, gauche, uncool, etc. (Note: I’d call it sensible.)

Making boxes readily available will cut food waste and could even save restaurants money on their garbage hauling bill (because there won’t be as much food in their dumpster).

Plus, it’s great that Noodles & Co. uses recyclable paper containers, not Styrafoam ones. Now if the noodleria would only steer customers’ attention to these boxes to avoid scenes like this

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