Will L.A. Love Composting?

Exciting News! In September, Los Angeles will begin a trial run of household food scrap collection.

The city will give 2-gallon kitchen pails to residents in three areas of the city. It will encourage folks in about 5,000 households to dump their kitchen food scraps into LA freeways. Photo by I like (via Creative Commons)these pails and, ultimately, their yard waste bin that’s already being collected at curbside.

Mixing food scraps with yard waste is a relatively low cost way to grow food waste recycling–there are no added trucks or routes. The pilot program will cost $140,000 and expanding it to the entire city would require $13 million.
I’ll admit: I’m skeptical that L.A. residents will take to composting with the same vigor as Bay Area residents. Take that as a challenge, Angelinos!

As we read in the L.A. Times article, a 2002 survey found that food scraps were a whopping 27 percent of trash from L.A.’s single family homes. That’s more than double the national average of 12 percent! Los Angeles, here’s your chance.

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