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Monday Morning Crumbs

Main post to come, but in the meantime…here’s an article examining supermarkets’ responses to rising food prices. No requests for in-store Wasted Food seminars (yet)… — I had fun writing this piece/interview on How You Eco. (Articles I’ve written or appeared in are compiled in the “Press” tab.) — And don’t blink or you’ll miss […]

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Friday Buffet

Behold, the Mount Everest Rushmore of cheese sculptures. Maybe they heard me coming, because the article notes that this cheddar masterpiece will eventually be eaten. (I’ve got dibs on Washington’s schnauze.) — — Check out this useful article on extending food shelf life from the increasingly waste-centric food writer China Millman at the Chicago Sun-Times. […]

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Game For Some Fun?

Here’s a first: a food waste video game. In Gordon Brown and the Kingdom of the Wasters, you get to control the British Prime Minister as he tries to recover good food like bananas and cupcakes while avoiding rotten items like fish bones. Apparently, dastardly opposition leader David Cameron is the one throwing away the […]

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California Dreaming

Sometimes I wish I lived in California. Other times, I don’t. Either way, I’ll always appreciate the state’s pioneering attitude on food waste recycling. San Francisco and several East Bay communities already collect food waste from residents and restaurants in rolling green bins. While this leads to some further questions, it’s still very progressive. Now […]

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Office Cookout

I recently enjoyed a cookout at work, but not the kind you might think. Yesterday for lunch, I enjoyed the leftovers from a perfect cookout last Saturday (thanks, Ben and Lacie!). Note: I used to call these barbecues, then I learned that barbecue is a noun. I replicated the cookout experience in my typical, staid […]

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Conserving Food

The American Conservative isn’t my publication of choice, but the June 30 issue has two great pieces. First, Rod Dreher, author of Crunchy Cons (a book about conservatives whose behavior doesn’t necessarily fit with today’s GOP), interviews Michael Pollan. Second, there’s an intriguing look at how a conservative (or even reactionary) idea–returning to our traditional […]

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Friday Buffet

Despite its odd tone, this NY Times Magazine article was encouraging because food pieces in mainstream (some might say highbrow) publications rarely discuss leftovers. OK, so it’s lobster leftovers, but the author does advocate boiling the shell and assorted remnants to flavor a risotto. So that’s neat. — — Jamaicans have stopped bobsledding long enough […]

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Grocers Preparing Less Waste?

The other night, I was researching how the increased prepared food offerings in supermarkets leads to more waste. This happens because prepared foods are highly perishable and, if they’re not sold, are thrown out after a short time. In addition, salad bar and hot bar items can’t be donated if customers serve themselves. And stores […]

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Strangers on a Drain

My wife and I moved into a new house about a week ago and have been working out the kinks ever since. One of the real changes, kitchen-wise, is the lack of an in-sink garbage disposal. My first reaction was that I’d grow tired of collecting and emptying food scraps in the drain catcher. Nine […]

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Blame Game

Yesterday, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown fanned the food waste flames via comments to the media. Brown, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, showed his financial stripes in saying that food waste was partly due to “unnecessary demand.” If we are to get food prices down, we must also do more to deal with unnecessary […]

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