Friday Buffet

If a farmer harvested inefficiently, would you say it was a criminal act? In light of the mounting food shortages, the Belarusian president thinks it’s a prison-worthy offense.

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I’d love it now, but I guess I can wait two years for a waste-powered car.

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Why spend $1,350 to do the wrong thing, environmentally? (Composting is better than putting food down the drain). Kohler’s disposal-only sink is pretty, though.

Quite a conundrum for wealthy, design-conscious eco-folks. Then again, this fancy compost pail is no slouch. Meanwhile, these stickers, though not as aesthetically pleasing, seem useful.

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This USA Today article discusses how more food banks are turning to gleaning to get food in these tough times. Maybe you can help them glean?
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Here’s a neat mock supermarket circular image (with prices in rupees?). Kinda makes you think…But don’t think too hard; it is Friday.

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