Strangers on a Drain

My wife and I moved into a new house about a week ago and have been working out the kinks ever since. One of the real changes, kitchen-wise, is the lack of an in-sink garbage disposal.

My first reaction was that I’d grow tired of collecting and emptying food scraps in the drain catcher. Nine days later, that’s still true.

photo by chrisjfry (via Creative Commons)I’ve read that garbage disposals are bad for the sewer lines. I’m not sure if that was why the previous owners decided against installing a disposal when they updated the kitchen, but it provides that tiny peace of mind.

But forget city sewer lines, I’ve seen benefits inside the house. Not having a disposal provides a real incentive both to eat all your food and to compost.

For example, I’m motivated to get every last grain of rice out of the pan and then into my mouth because if I don’t, I’ll just be picking it out of the drain guard.

Likewise, I have further incentive to compost because I don’t want to put any food waste in the trash, both because it’s bad for the environment and it’ll smell (in that order, I promise).

In the past, having a garbage disposal provided some margin for error with our smallest scraps. Now, I may as well get all the food into the compost container because if I don’t, they’ll just lodge in the drain catcher. Any tips or thoughts on the matter?

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