Happy Birthday, America!

Warning: This post was written without a flag lapel pin (or a lapel).

Today, I’ll be celebrating American independence by attending a family cook out where I’ll fret about uneaten burgers enjoy the good company and tasty food.flag cake...by Chris and Jenny (via Creative Commons)

Two thoughts before I’m off to BBQ land:

1. Wasting food should not be an American value.

Quite the opposite, not wasting food is very much a traditional American value. Think of American Indians (I’m told that’s the slightly preferred nomenclature), who are renowned for using all parts of a killed animal.

From the battle against starvation in the first North American colonies to the rationing of World War II, Americans have long been careful with their food. While being thrifty with food is more uncommon today, we can still feel that food waste just ain’t right.

2. We’re an independent people, don’t waste food just because others do. You’re better than that. You’re more patriotic than that!

— —

Happy Independence Day–Love Your Leftovers!

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