Spilled Milk

Here’s how hard it is to be a dairy farmer–even when you’re on strike, you still have to get up at 4 in the morning to milk the cows. After all, they’re not gonna milk themselves…

I mention this because Germany’s dairy farmers are now striking. And here’s the part I’m crying over: The farmers are now getting the milk (so the cows don’t, you know, fill up) and then dumping it down the drain or pouring it into fields.

The New York Times reports: 10.6 mil gallons, or 60 percent of Germany’s production was dumped last Wednesday. By Friday, 95 percent of German dairy farmers had committed to join the strike, which is spreading throughout Europe.

photo by Robert S. Donovan (via Flickr)

Who’s to blame for this wanton waste? The farmers? The EU for deciding to raise production quotas? Globalization? NAFTA? (OK, maybe not that one.)

Germany’s Agriculture minister supports the strike. Wasted Food, however, cannot support the tactics. How about donating the milk? If dairy farmers are gonna strike, they may as well go whole hog: Call it The People’s Milk and give it to those in need. At the very least, they could make a whole lot of cats happy.

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