NYT Reaction

As many of you know, The New York Times ran a piece Sunday on food waste. For my money, it provided a solid picture of the issue, and I’m not just saying that because I’m quoted in it. Heck, a couple items in the article were news to me.

Sure, the article could have used a bit more international context, but I know from experience that that’s the hardest info to find. While the piece included that food waste comprises 12 percent of the waste Americans generate, I’d add that it makes up 18 percent of the waste sent to landfills. That’s a reflection of how little food waste is recycled (composted) compared to other items.photo by Thomas Hawk (via Flickr)

Primarily, I’m encouraged to see food waste receive this (overdue) media attention. I know it’s something that nearly everyone has considered. As I’ve found at many a social gathering, the topic of wasted food seems to draw strong reactions from most folks.

To wit, the Times article sparked a humdinger of a commentary thread on Boing Boing (125 comments and counting). I’ll respond to a few of the responses on Monday after I’ve had a chance to wade through them all. In the meantime, what’s your reaction?

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