Homemade Toppings

There’s some saying about necessity…mother of all invention, or something. Well this weekend the need to use up some mushrooms gave birth to a new idea in my house–takeout pizza, homemade toppings.

I baked the mushrooms in my handy toaster oven tonot my pizza--was too hungry to photograph it! (photo by kiwikewlio) emulate the pizza parlor’s handiwork and they were ready by the time the pie arrived.

This may not be a novel idea to some of you, but it seems like an easy way to avoid wasting food while saving money by just paying for a plain pizza. (Is it just me or have toppings become really expensive? Probably to cover the crazy price increases on cheese and flour.)

I can’t say that the black olives I also included were added to avoid food waste. There was, however, an open jar in the fridge, and the olives completed my favorite combination at a nice discount.

While mushroom and black olive is my standard order, I would do the same with most anything that needs using up. Because really, what can’t you put on a pizza? As for the ‘not baked in’ issue, I found that the toppings just needed to be pressed into the pie a bit.

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