Creature Double Feature


is it Halloween already?

Even I forget about food every once in a while, discovering items after they’ve sprouted tentacles and started torturing the neighborhood.

I’m disappointed about wasting my basket of potatoes, but also a tiny bit proud of how scary these spuds have become. The one on the right almost looks like a brain.

Normally, when I see potatoes sprouting, I’d just take off the sprouts and cook them as soon as possible. I’m pretty good at salvaging old produce. Given this shriveling, however, these potatoes will end up in the compost bin after I’ve filmed Godzilla vs. Potatopus documented their hideousness.

Then again, maybe the potatoes can still power a clock (R.I.P. Mr. Wizard, star of the oh-so-80’s Mr. Wizard’s World).

Anyway, how’d this potato waste happen? Simply put, I didn’t buy the potatoes for a specific meal, but figured I’d add them to some sort of dinner. As I’ve said before, not planning your meals and/or shopping lists leads to wasted food.

My bad.

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