Indoor Composting

The verdict is in on the NatureMill indoor composting system–not so hot. This review echoes the sentiment of Wasted Food reader Sandy who expressed her disappointment via comment.

It’s a shame that the NatureMill doesn’t smell so hot, because I was hoping it’d be an answer for urban dwellers without composting space. The contraption has real potential to reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfills (which leads to increased methane/greenhouse gas emissions) and is a waste of those organic nutrients.

On a happier note, I recently became aware of a new contender for indoor composting. Check out the Bokashi Empowered System, which lets you compost anything indoors, including meat and seafood. All you do is sprinkle some magic Bokashi dust (yeasts and bacteria) atop each layer of food waste as you fill the container. When it’s full, you seal it for two weeks (while using the auxilary bin) and then have some nice compost.

The cool people at Pouch seemed really positive about the method. While this UK blogger is pretty excited about her burgeoning Bokashism, she hasn’t had it long. Amazon is all over Bokashi and I’m sure you can find it elsewhere, too. Drop me a line if you have first-hand experience with Bokashi. Of course, there’s always composting with worms!

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