Friday Buffet

From Reed College to the National Review, we’re really spanning the political spectrum this week. The conservative magazine has pretty fair article on how the Federal School Lunch Program wastes food and money.

Wasted food costs the government $600 million every year, with fruits and vegetables accounting for 42 percent of that waste.

This G.A.O. report supplies those figures. Kids not eating their vegetables–especially those delicious canned variety–who’d have guessed? 

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College food waste awareness seems to be on the rise. The University of Rhode Island school paper has an in-depth look at its campus food waste. A Middlebury College columnist urges students not to waste. And Rider University held one of those food waste weigh-ins that makes students think about their squandering for, oh, a good five seconds.courtesy of

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Quote of Week, from this article looking at food waste from an Irish perspective:

The obsession with ‘best before’ dates throws up some truly bizarre examples. I found a packet of salt that said on the back ‘This salt comes from the salt mines of Silesia, where it was laid down in a primordial sea 350 million years ago. Best before October 2008.’

Salt, or sodium chloride, is stable and imperishable, which is why it’s been used since time immemorial for preserving foods. Putting a ‘best before’ on salt is laughable.

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