Friday Buffet

New articles about dumpster diving seem to pop up daily. But you never get the full story from the “freegan” point of view. Here’s a well-written recap of a night spent dumpster diving from Liz Seymour, a Greensboro writer who lives in a communal house.

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I found this video on The River food pantry really interesting. While this is obviously an exceptional pantry, it shares many traits with its fellow pantries around the country:

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Quote of the Week:

At any event, one of the big potential wasters of energy and resources is food. Without good planning, a lot can get wasted. “Watch your waste, spelled both ways,” said Gogan with a laugh. “The best thing is: Just take what you need.”

                  –Rob Gogan, Harvard’s recycling and waste manager, speaking about the planned green events celebrating incoming President Drew Faust’s inauguration.

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OK, I’m off to be interviewed for a student documentary on a local commercial composter. I’ll be playing the role of the food waste “expert.” If you’ll excuse me, I have to dig out my tweed coat.


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