Friday Buffet

No doubt taking a cue from my vociferous stance, an Inuit leader told the Canadian Navy not to dump food waste (and sewage) in arctic waters.

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Here’s an interesting CNN video report on food waste in Hong Kong. A whopping one third of their waste stream is food,mmm...dumplings compared to 17 percent in the U.S. (Food scraps comprise 12 percent of the U.S. waste generated, but makeup 17 percent of what actually hits landfills because food is recycled less than other discards.)

I’m not sure how anyone could resist those tempting dumplings, but Hong Kongers do in such numbers that some restaurants have started charging patrons for food left on their plates. For now, though, there are more threats than fines:

“It’s more of an educational process at this stage,” says Mr. Wong. “Most people take notice, and once you say this [wasting food] is no good, people respect that and eat less.”

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Newsweek reporter Raina Kelley’s whiny, one-month freegan adventure ended this week. Finally. Here’s what you missed:

I watched a freegan “trash tour” (also known as Dumpster diving). Yes, it sounds disgusting, and is illegal in many cities, which is why our lawyers would not let me partake.

Hang on, I thought she said she was going to live like a freegan?

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All those tired of the term “freegan” (my hand is raised) have a few other options, thanks to this article from The Ecologist (UK). Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go “bin-fishing.”

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